An affidavit can be made in any Registry of any Court before any Registrar or any other authorised officer of the Court. Some affidavits are available through the website. In case the form/affidavit cannot be located to the website, please, contact the competent authority. After obtaining the affidavit and the necessary stamps, proceed to the Registry presenting proof of your identity (i.e. Identity Card and/or Passport and/or Driver Licence). Please note, that while the affidavit may be filled before proceeding to the Registry, your signature is placed only before the Registrar.

The sentence is always defined by the Court hearing the case.

Legal Aid Law of 2002 (165(I)/2002) specifies the persons and the cases where free Legal Aid can be awarded. You can obtain Legal Aid forms at any Registry.

When you cannot plead guilty for the offence in writing (please check with the Registry for pleading without presenting before the Court), the accused must be present when the case is fixed before the Court.

If the fine is up to €250.- it is payable to the Court. Otherwise, a warrant is issued and executed by the Police. In any case, if you wish, any amount imposed as fine, can be paid in full immediately at the Court.

For registering pleadings and/or other documents regarding Court cases, the Registries’ working hours are between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (please note that Court vacation might affect the registering schedule). In regard to affidavits, Registries’ working hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 2:50 p.m.

Stamps’ points of sale are located at any Court or Post Office. Please note that the Supreme Court, Family Court of Nicosia and Industrial Dispute Court in Nicosia do not have points of sale. For stamps’ point of sales working hours, please refer to each Court or Post Office.

If your case is fixed before the Court, please check the docket which is usually displayed at the notice board of each Court. If you want to access your case file, you may request a Search from the Registry, after disbursing the necessary fees.

In the majority of cases, for an affidavit filed to the Registry, for the purposes of a Court case, €6 stamps on the body of the affidavit and €1 for every exhibit are required. An affidavit made for any other reason (i.e. for other public services), €4 stamps is required. In certain affidavits a different amount in stamps is required. Please refer to the competent service before attending the Registry.

Usually the litigants shall be present when the case is fixed for hearing or when your lawyer suggests you should do so.

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