The District Court of Nicosia is located at the Courts of Justice Complex at Char. Mouskos Street, near the city centre. The same complex houses the other Courts of first instance. The Supreme Court building is also located in the same area.

The exact location of the various Courts and the function of each building is shown in this aerial photograph. Place the pointer on each building marked with a green dot to see a description. Click to go to the page of the relevant court.

Supreme Court Supreme Court (Legal Publications Department) Family Court Industrial Dispute Tribunal Conference room Nicosia District Court - Civil Cases Nicosia District Court - Civil Cases and Registry Cafeteria Nicosia Bar Association Rent Control Tribunal Nicosia District Court - Civil Cases Military Court Nicosia District Court - Criminal Cases and Assize Court

A new District Court building will be erected in the same location in the near future.


Contact information
Postal address:
Nicosia District Court
Charalambos Mouskos Street
1405 - Nicosia

(+357) 22865518

Fax:(+357) 22304212 / 22805330


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