Name and personal status:

Lena Demetriadou-Andreou
She is married and has one daughter.

Academic Qualifications:

Holder of the following degrees and qualifications:

• L.L.B. Honors awarded by Essex University, U.K.
• L.L.M. Honors on Corporate Law awarded by Cambridge University, U.K.
• The Professional title of Barrister at Law of Gray’s Inn.

Brief Professional Background:

• From 1989 until 1990 she was practicing law in the private sector.

• From 1990 until November 1995 she was holding the position of Counsel for the Republic in the Legal Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

• She was appointed in the Judicial Service as acting District Judge on November 1995 and as a District Judge on November 1996. Since that date until February 2004 she was holding the position of District Judge.

• On February 2004 she was promoted to the position of Senior District Judge.

• On October 2012 she was promoted to the position of the President of District Court.

• She served as President of the Assize Court of Nicosia from 25/4/2013 – 9/9/2016.

• She served as Administrative President of the District Court of Larnaca – Famagusta from 6/2/2017 – 9/9/2019 and as Administrative President of the District Court of Nicosia from 10/9/2019 – 6/12/2020.

• Since 2001 until 2015 she was an Examiner on the subject of Criminal Procedure, which is one of the subjects in the examinations that are held by the Cyprus Legal Council for acquiring the right to practice as a lawyer in the Republic of Cyprus.

• Since October 2018 until today she is a Trainer in the Group of Trainers of the National School of Judges.

• Since October 2020 she is a member of the Committee on Judicial Deontology Monitoring

• On 7/12/2020 she was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court.

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