The Industrial Disputes Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction to determine matters arising from the termination of employment such as the payment of compensation (except where the amount claimed exceeds the equivalent of 2 years' salary, in which case the jurisdiction is vested in the District Cout), payment in lieu of notice, compensation arising out of redundancy and any other claim for any payment arising out of the contract of employment. Additionally the Industrial Disputes Tribunal has jurisdiction to determine any claim arising out of the application of the Protection of Motherhood Law, cases of unequal tratment or sexual harassment in the workplace and disputes between Provident Funds and their members.

The Industrial Disputes Tribunal is composed of a President or a Judge, who is a member of the judiciary, and two lay members appointed on the recommendation of the employers' and employees' unions. The lay members have a purely consultative role.

There are currently four Industrial Tribunals in the Republic, based in Nicosia and Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos


The following Judges serve at the Industrial Disputes Tribunals:

Industrial Disputes Tribunal Nicosia

Joseph Hadjijovanni, President

Charia Papageorgiou, Judge

Industrial Disputes Tribunal Limassol - Paphos

Eleni Constantinou, Judge

Industrial Dipsutes Tribunal Larnaca

Charia Papageorgiou, Judge


Industrial Dispute Tribunal Judges

Contact information

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        Address: 8 Diagorou str, kritikos Tower, 8th floor

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