The Cyprus Judiciary has always enjoyed a reputation of impartiality and independence. Judicial independence is safeguarded by the Constitution and the traditions of the Judiciary. Judges are members of the Judicial Service of the Republic. All judges except the judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the Supreme Council of Judicature, a body composed of the Judges of the Supreme Court. This body is responsible for the appointment, promotion, transfer and discipline of judges.

Supreme Court Judges are appointed by the President of the Republic, by tradition from within the ranks of the Judiciary and upon the recommendation of the Supreme Court.

Once appointed a Judge cannot be removed except under very exceptional circumstances. Supreme Court Judges hold office until the age of 68. The Judges of all other courts retire at the age of 63.

There are 85 Judges serving in all Courts of first instance and 13 Judges serving in the Supreme Court.

Approximately 60% of all Judges are men and 40% women.

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